Australians for Overseas Representation (AusFOR) was formed in March 2017 and is a currently registered as a South Australian incorporated association.

AusFOR exists to:

  1. advocate for full voting rights for all Australian citizens;
  2. advocate for the introduction of overseas representation to address expatriate causes in Australian State and Federal Parliaments;
  3. canvas the support of Australian citizens disenfranchised by current legislation, which denies expatriate Australians voting rights in State and Federal elections;
  4. lobby State and Federal political organisations and individual members of both State and Federal parliaments;
  5. work to raise awareness of the general public about the issues of the disenfranchisement of expatriate Australians;
  6. raise funds for the purpose of carrying out these objectives.

Membership is open to all members of the public who are committed to the aims of the association.

Management Committee

Cillín Perera, Founder & Chair

AusFOR is currently chaired by Cillín Perera, an Australian expat businessman who was raised in the western suburbs of Melbourne and attended high school in Geelong. At age 17 Cillín was offered a scholarship to Harvard University in the USA.

Despite spending more than two decades overseas, Cillín has always identified as Australian. In recent years he has seen his ties to his country strengthen through increasing philanthropic, political, business, social & family interests.

Cillín currently resides in the UAE and travels between the Middle East, Europe and Australia at least once a month. Despite being an Australian citizen with family, friends and property in the country, he has never been permitted to vote at a Federal election.

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